Monday, April 13, 2009


Let me start by reminding you that we use cloth diapers. Then you'll understand how I can devote a whole post to dirty diapers. The other day Jesse had THREE dirty diapers before naptime. Back in the good ol' days (before solid foods were introduced), I could treat wet and dirty diapers the same: toss them in the diaper pail, wash, dry. As long as your baby is exclusively breastfed, you don't need to rinse the diapers. Everything comes out in the wash. So easy! By the way, sunlight is a free and easy stain-remover. Now I have two choices...use a diaper sprayer or *gulp* dunk and swish. Looong before Jesse started solids I asked my husband to install a diaper sprayer. I LOVE it. I didn't realize how much until we spent a few days at my parents' house without one.

You can find "real" diaper sprayers for around $30 or more (on eBay and other sites), but I had read that many people make their own for less. Referring to this picture, Hubby bought some things at Lowe's and swiped the kitchen sprayer from my sink (I never used it for dishes). Apparently we don't have a standard toilet supply line, so he spent quite a bit of time collecting parts to make everything fit together. He thinks it would have been just as efficient to install a "real" one.

If you have a standard flexible toilet supply line and prefer step-by-step directions, here is a tutorial I recently found. Hubby thinks you should have a turn-off valve between the T-fitting and the diaper sprayer, as does one of the tutorial's commenters, because a kitchen sprayer isn't meant to have constant pressure. Either way you go, you won't be sorry. When Jesse has a dirty diaper, I turn on my sprayer, hold the diaper over the toilet (seat up), and spray away. Then the diaper goes in the pail until wash day.


  1. Dunk and swish is sooooo fun.
    I miss it terribly!! :)

    I fell in love with my husband because I could tell that in twelve years he was going to be the one to rinse the poopy diapers. ;)

  2. My dh just installed our diaper sprayer! It's terrific. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Well worth the savings to do it ourselves.