Monday, December 8, 2008


No, I’m not talking about the movie. I’m talking about something even scarier. The First Tooth. My little one cut his first tooth the other day. This is a milestone that ends some nursing relationships. Imagine putting your little finger in the mouth of a piranha. Doesn’t sound too good, does it? Neither does nursing a teething baby with a voracious appetite. Actually, a baby doesn’t even have to have teeth to “bite.” And it still hurts! Many a mother has found that pulling Baby into the breast causes him to unhinge his deathgrip because Baby has difficulty breathing with a nose full of flesh. Most infants learn fairly quickly that chomping on Mama isn’t a great idea. (Screaming “Owww!” is no less effective, but is probably not a recommended method of deterrence.)

While I don’t relish having razor-sharp teeth sinking into a sensitive part of my anatomy, I think the worst thing about the first tooth is the end of that adorable toothless smile. Never again will I see that precious gummy grin. Now there’s a little incisor playing peek-a-boo. Go ahead. Try to take a picture of it and you’ll see what I mean. Shortly after the first tooth comes the second tooth. The next thing you know Baby has a whole mouth full of pearly whites. And he’s still just as cute as he always was.

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