Thursday, January 8, 2009

There's a monkey on my back!

That's our fun phrase around our house. There always seems to be one child or another climbing on myself or my husband. Because of this we often wear our children; especially when we're out and about. Strollers are great too, but nothing beats being able to throw a kid in a carrier and jetting out the door.

There are several types of carriers including hip carriers, wraps, mei tais, ring slings and pouch slings, as well as a hybrid between a pouch and a wrap! My favorites include a hip carrier, wrap, and pouch sling. I always have one within easy reach. (As in I have one in my car, my diaper bag, my purse, my home, and I've even been known to throw one in my stroller "just in case".) They make my life so much easier and mobile. I don't have to worry if the store is stroller friendly or if my fussy 6 month old baby will go to sleep in her stroller. I know that she'll sleep if she's laying next to my heartbeat.

There's a lot of variety when picking the type of carrier that is right for you. The price range for carriers vary depending on the brand and the type. You can easily find a carrier for $30 up to $300. There are different types of fabric and different gadgets that you can get on your carrier. I prefer a woven wrap that doesn't stretch so much, but a friend of mine likes hers to be really stretchy so that she can mold the wrap to her baby. I find that stretchy wraps work especially well with newborns since they're often softer and a little more pliable (the wrap not the baby). I also like pouches for newborns. Be prepared though that your baby might disappear into the depths of your pouch! It makes me feel like a kangaroo!

Most carriers now come with extra gadgets that you can purchase. You could request a loop to attach keys or a toy. Or a little pocket to throw your ID and some cash. I've even seen ones where you can get a big pocket sewn in and put in a diaper and a case of wipes. You don't even need a diaper bag anymore! My husband has a pouch sling that he got a little big so he can have room to tuck a blanket around baby and a burp cloth since she has a habit of spitting up on him. Make sure that the sling is still safe and comfortable before ordering a size up or down though.

Baby wearing is such a fun, fun world to get into. We've tried so many types of baby carriers and each one is fantastic in its own way. Don't be scared to try several brands of the same type of carrier since each company has it's own formula for making its carrier. There's also several WAHM's that make custom carriers. Kathy at has a great variety of carriers that's perfect for beginner and advanced baby wearers alike.

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