Friday, January 23, 2009

Better late than never

Having a baby is a wonderful, magical...expectant period in your life. Whether it's your first or sixth child, you are waiting for everything. Waiting for the test to say pregnant...waiting for the sickness to pass...waiting for the first flutters, first hard kick, for the heartburn to go away! The waiting just gets worse as the pregnancy goes on. Then you're waiting to find out who you're having and all the cute baby clothes you've been dying to buy are suddenly practical since you know the sex.

I've always found that once I hit 36 weeks the waiting becomes unbearable. Like a ticking time bomb. When is that baby going to come?! Please baby, come out! Am I the only one? I think that is Mother Nature's way of getting a woman prepared for childbirth. We are so tired and so READY for our baby that we would do anything to get them out! Perk up though ladies! Cherish those last few weeks and days because whatever tiredness you felt before baby came out...well, it's nothing compared to the utter exhaustion that will happen after baby is born. And it's nothing compared to the absolute love and joy that your baby will be. So don't worry if you are overdue for your baby to come out. Feel good about the fact that your uterus is a comfy home for your baby and they just don't want to leave, and once you have your joy in your arms...nothing will compare to that feeling.

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