Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Motherhood is an interesting journey, to say the least. I don't think anything prepares you for it. There are moments you hope you'll never forget and some you wish you could. Here are a few of mine.
(I've been saving this idea, so these stories happened a while ago but they're still

The good...
There are so many things I could write here. That soft, downy head. Little fingers wrapped around one of yours. A toothless grin. A little head on your shoulder. Hearing a sweet voice call you "Mama."

The bad...
One night Jesse woke up crying. I snuck into the bedroom, groped around in the dark, and plucked him from his bed. I hugged him up to me and slipped my left arm under his bottom to support him. To my surprise I felt warm, soft flesh. I cried "Jesse! Where's your diaper?!" His diaper was in his bed, nice and dry, so I put it back on him. Then I put some shorts on him (I'm a fast learner) and ran back to the living room to fetch hubby. I nursed Jesse while hubby stripped the bed. After Jesse went back to sleep, I pulled the rug out of the bedroom so I could work on the puddle.

The ugly...
I heard Jesse wake up from his nap one day and went to get him. I walked into the bedroom and discovered Jesse had been face painting. We don't have any face paints. I'll leave it at that.

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  1. Oh dear! The ugly can get reallllllyyyyy nasty. I have a friend I used to work with, that has twin girls. They figured out how to "paint" together; the entire room, eachother, the beds & everything they could touch. So to prevent this, my friend got zip up, footed sleepers. She cut off the feet & cut a "V" in the neckline on the back of the sleeper. She dressed the girls by putting them on backwards, so that the zipper was now in the back, with a simple "V" neck in the front. She even went as far as to safety pin the zipper to the garment so that they couldn't undress eachother. She would say, "Having twins is twice the goodness!"