Thursday, August 6, 2009


Serendipity... no not the movie! Have you ever wondered if some people are just meant to be in your life? This past Monday I was sitting in a lobby waiting for a focus group to begin. When in walked an old friend of mine. Now had I lived in Dallas all of my life this would not have been so strange, but I met this girl in Tokyo.
I went to high school for 2 years in Tokyo when my dad had gotten a job over there. In November of my senior year my 1st love broke my heart and a month later my parents announced they were getting divorced and my sister, mother and myself would be moving back to the states as soon as details could be worked out. Needless to say I was in a really bad . Without going into too much detail I started to spend some time with my mom's friends son. Unbeknownst to me he already had "hooked-up" with another girl. SO very quickly she and I realized he was a dog and became quick friends. We spent the next 3 weeks being the best of girlfriends. Shopping and gossiping and all that but then I moved back to the states and she went back to college and we lost touch.
Two years later my dad had moved to Hong Kong and I went to go spend New Years. AS we were getting off a bus who was getting on? My friend from Tokyo. Her parents had also moved to Hong Kong and so the next few weeks it was like no time had passed. We again went shopping and hung out and just had a great time. But when the trip was over the distance in the states we lost track of each other again.
Flash forward another 10 years. I am waiting for a focus group to start and who should walk into the lobby for the same focus group.? We screamed so loud when we saw each other that the people putting on the group had to pull us aside. They felt uncomfortable sending us both in since we knew each other so I got sent home, but not before we had exchanged information.
Three chance meetings in three different countries. Something about that makes me think that it is more than just a coincidence. This time we are not going to loose touch!!!

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