Friday, August 21, 2009

Dinner ( with a slight detour to the ER)

I might be the slightest bit obsessed with Julia Child. Since seeing the movie Julie and Julia I have wanted to try some recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking. One problem, I had dropped my Le Creuset French oven and none of my other pots were appropriate for the first recipe I wanted to try. Luckily Sur LA Table was willing to exchange my pot ( this shocked me because I did not have a reciept).
So last week my 4 year old and I went to the store to get all of the ingrediants to make Beef Bougione. I was so excited even taking pictures as I browend bacon to render the fat, browned the meat and vegitables, added the wine and stock before putting everything in the oven and starting to work on the vegitables that would be added later. I have to admit that the recipe was a bit more labor intensive than I had expected. With 45 min left to go I took the pot out of the oven to stir and tasted the sauce. It was dreamy and I had a smile from ear to ear in anticipation of the most amazing dinner ever!
Just then I heard some words that as a mother you never want to hear, "Mom, can you help me get this out of my nose?" My 4 year old had apparently shoved something up his nose. When I asked what it was he said that it was from his brother's bed. This could be anything as at any given time there are lego's and many small items in or around his brother's bed. After a short inspection I was fairly certain that the "foreign object," was a piece of foam egg crateing from his brothers bed. SO after I turned off the oven and pulled everything out, i shed a quiet tear for my meal as I scooped up my son and head to Children's Medical Center in Plano.
When we get to the Hospital we are quickly brought through triage and brought to a room. A Dr. walks in and takes a look and says she will be right back. She reneters the room and brings a paramedic with her. i am not sure if she was a new Dr. or new to the hospital but the paramedic seemed to be coaching her as to what buttons to use to turn things on and such. The first attempt to remove the "foreign object," was to use suction. Not only was this unsuccesful but my 4 year old was now screaming and would not let anyone near him. 2nd attempt was to use a tool to try to retrieve it, also not successful and now the 4 year old was really pissed off.
As the Dr. is giving me information to refer me to an ENT for emergency surgery the paramedic interrupted. He said there was one more thing that they could try, it was rather unconventional but would not hurt him and might work avoiding surgery. At this point anything was worth a try. In walk a dream team of paremedics and nurses 6 to be exact, all male except for the Dr standing in the corner and 1 female nurse. The instructed my son to keep his mouth closed tight and used a tube and a sudden burst of oxygen into the other nostrill to cause the lodged "foreign object," to become disloged and a pojectile hurdling across the room until it reached a stopping point. ME!!!! SO I have this disgustin bloody,snotty HUGE foam piece stuck to my shirt. One opf the paramedics proclaimed that it was the coolest thing he had ever seen. That he was tempted to shove something up his nose just so they could do that again. I asked him to hold his comments in front of the impessionable 4 year old that had already done so. My son was fine and was very glad to get a popsicle from the paramedics for his ordeal.
We got home and I went right back to cooking my dinner. I warned my husband that no matter how it tasted he was going to eat every bite and proclaim how it was the best meal he had ever eaten. Dinner was consumed at about 10:30 last night and was delicious. Next time I hope I can make it through without a trip to the ER>

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