Thursday, February 19, 2009

Home is where the heart is

I had a hard time thinking of what I would write for this weeks post. I'm in the middle of packing for our move/vacation and of course all three of my kids are sick. I'm overdosing on vitamin C and echinacea hoping that I don't get sick as well because honestly, I can't take the time to be sick right now.

As I'm packing all of our mementos and belongings, I'm getting a little nostalgic. I'm finding things that I thought were lost or even thrown away. I found the pregnancy test that I took when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter (gross, but I'm a pack rat), I found several pens, several small toys, and even a $20 bill. Sweet on the $20! I'm also finding myself going to my son and asking if he remembers taking this picture or that and if he doesn't I'm taking the time to sit down and tell him about the picture. He now has a picture of himself and his daddy and one of he and I on his dresser. I'm remembering when it was just my husband and myself and wondering how we lived without children running around our home. I found a picture of myself and my best friend while we were in middle school so I'm trying to remember myself before I was a mom and a wife, but I can't remember how I ever filled my days.

I'm incredibly sad to be leaving this house even though we've lived in it for only a year. We gave birth to our daughter in this house. Our family has had so many ups and downs and sometimes things have even gone sideways. During all of this flurry of activity, a dear friend reminded me that it doesn't matter where we live. We are (for the most part) healthy. We, and especially our children, are happy and growing nicely. The city we live in...the house...the school district...none of that matters in the big scheme of things. Home is where the heart is and my heart is my family. My children ground me in a way that I could never have imagined and all the worry about everything else is superfluous.

I want to thank my friend for reminding me that we are okay and everything will work itself out. We'll make a home wherever we are because we are a family and we love each other and that's all that matters. When we get back from our trip I plan on going through our little knick knacks and pictures and telling my children the stories behind them. Because it's the little things that matter and that makes a house (or apartment) a home.

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